The following is a list of legislation I have sponsored in Congress.

Bill # Bill Description Updated
S. 3002 Cosponsored  — Guarding Our Great Lakes Act
S. 2995 Sponsored  — Clean Water Compliance and Affordability Act
S. 2994 Sponsored  — Leveling the Playing Field Act
S.Res. 591 Cosponsored  — A resolution supporting the goals and ideals of American Education Week.
S. 2959 Cosponsored  — Black Lung Benefits Improvement Act of 2014
S. 2964 Sponsored  — Trade Adjustment Assistance Act of 2014
S. 2944 Cosponsored  — No Social Security for Nazis Act
S. 2924 Sponsored  — A bill to amend title 46, United States Code, to exempt old vessels that only operate within inland waterways from the fire-retardant materials requirement if the owners of such vessels make annual structural alterations to at least 10 percent of the areas of the vessels that are not constructed of fire-retardant materials.
S. 2922 Sponsored  — Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act
S.Res. 578 Cosponsored  — A resolution supporting the role of the United States in ensuring children in the world’s poorest countries have access to vaccines and immunization through Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.