In the News

August 2014

Gay Games Kick Off in Cleveland, Ohio
Sherrod Brown seeking conservation money for Ohio
Sen. Brown applauds administration’s new rules to prevent black lung disease
Warren Steel Holdings Restarts Plant Operations
WTO upholds trade case against China, whose hoarding harmed Ohio companies
Vinton Co. At-Risk Program Gets $1.1 Million Grant
Brown introduces bill to ensure DOT projects invest in US
Congress: E-cigarettes target minors
U.S. Tells Big Banks to Rewrite 'Living Will' Bankruptcy Plans
Fertilizer pollution fears bubble up in wake of Toledo water crisis
Brown, Great Lakes senators urge action on Asian carp threat
Dems push fast action on e-cigarettes
Jefferson County Awarded $9.2 Million for Roadway Repairs
Underground railroad stop pushed for park system
Closing the skills gap becoming a focus in Cleveland and Washington, D.C.
Act would regulate childproof packaging on liquid nicotine
Big Banks Still a Risk

July 2014

Social Security Could Decide Who Controls Congress
Legislation addresses sunscreen regulations
Push to protect children from liquid nicotine that comes in candy flavors