In the News

April 2014

Federal funding to help purchase equipment for school kitchens in Ohio
Senator touts legislation aimed at reducing costs
Ohio Veterans Home to expand
Ohio Senators Brown, Portman call for tariffs on Chinese imported saw blades
Brown: Congress can do more on job training
$18M released to expand access to credit for small businesses, manufacturers
Senate Dems urge Fed to block banking commodity investments
Senator takes on antibiotic resistant organisms
It's Time to Strengthen the EITC to Give Childless Workers a Much-Needed Boost
Protecting You From Credit Report Errors, Unreliable Scores
Manufacturing innovation is key to boosting growth
Report: E-cigarette campaigns target children, teens
Legislation to help Delphi, steelworker retirees
Brown pitches community investment bill
Film industry credited with contributing $1 billion to Ohio's economy
Undocumented immigrants no longer deferring college dreams
Sherrod Brown Backs Bill To Help Consumers Battle Credit Reporting Agencies
Manufacturing hub bill clears Senate hurdle
Dems will continue pushing for unemployment insurance vote in House
Brown introducing bill to help consumers get errors off credit reports: Plain Dealing