In the News

January 2015

Sherrod Brown, senators sound call to ban powdered caffeine
Why Jason attended State of the Union
Congressmen urge D&D funding
U.S. Sen. Brown: Expand earned income tax credit
Sen. Brown Proposes Payday Loan Bill
Brown honors King’s legacy
Brown joined USDA officials in Toledo to highlight investment in Lake Erie

December 2014

Tax Relief
We need to keep Cleveland great for future families, and future newborns
Brown Announces Nearly $27,000 in New Federal Funds to Provide Housing and Medical Assistance for Homeless Veterans in Toledo
Parents of LaGrange teen killed by caffeine overdose push for powdered caffeine ban
Family of powdered caffeine-overdose victim meets with FDA and lawmakers in quest for regulation
$52K will pay rent for homeless veterans in Lorain
Children's gets $1.39M federal grant: Cough Drops
Valley residents observe Pearl Harbor Day
Congress passes bill to better understand sudden infant deaths
Bill to track infant mortality finally passes Congress
Enforcing trade laws to boost exports and support Ohio businesses as they compete in the marketplace
House approves Brown's bill designed to track stillbirths
Brown wants 2 tax credits extended