Brown, Kaptur point to local auto bailout success

A local company says a government loan helped it survive the near collapse of the auto industry. Senator Sherrod Brown and Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur say the auto bailout did exactly what it was supposed to do -- save jobs.

American Manufacturing builds metal shipping containers for the auto industry and its suppliers. When the industry crashed in 2008, companies like it went down…until the auto bailout.

"As a supplier, the entire industry probably would have collapsed if they would have allowed Chrysler and GM to just completely fail," says owner Chuck Gotberg.

But smaller companies like American Manufacturing got some government help as well.

On Monday, Senator Sherrod Brown talked with Gotberg and his workers about how government loans saved the auto industry and made money available for smaller companies to survive.

"It was saving the livelihood, so people had a chance to get a job, try to join the middle class, to then provide for their families that's really what all this is about," Senator Brown says.

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