August 2015

Ohioans Shouldn’t be Left in the Dark on Trade
Protecting Ohio’s Drinking Water
Fighting to Reduce Prescription Drug Costs

July 2015

Medicare Turns Fifty
Fixing Errors on Ohioans’ Credit Reports
Paying Ohioans the Overtime They’ve Earned

June 2015

Big Tobacco’s New Assault on Our Children
Investing in Infrastructure, Investing in Jobs
An End to the School Year Doesn’t Have to Mean an End to Good Nutrition
Helping Ohio Businesses Sell Their Products Around the World
How Trade is Like a Baseball Game

May 2015

Combatting Prescription Drug Abuse in Ohio
Standing with Ohio Veterans and Military Families
Guaranteeing Ohioans Paid Sick Leave

April 2015

Protecting Ohio Jobs from Unfair Trade
Helping Ohio Families Afford College
I’m Here to Help
Not Another NAFTA

March 2015

Investing in Manufacturing to Grow Ohio’s Middle Class
Ensuring Testing Does Not Take Away From Student Learning