January 2015

Giving Ohioans an Alternative to High Interest Payday Loans

December 2014

Happy Holidays
Revitalizing American Manufacturing and Innovation
Keeping Ohio Workers and Children Out of Poverty

November 2014

Giving Back to Our Communities This Thanksgiving
Addressing Infant Mortality on World Prematurity Day
Honoring Ohio’s Veterans

October 2014

Protecting Consumers from the Dangers of Powdered Caffeine
Ending Veterans’ Homelessness in Ohio
Enforcing Trade Laws to Boost Exports and Support Ohio Businesses
Preventing the Spread of Ebola in the United States

September 2014

Investing in Ohio Manufacturing and Innovation
Revitalizing Ohio Neighborhoods and Communities
Ensuring Clean Drinking Water for Ohio Communities

August 2014

Addressing Infant Mortality in Ohio
Fighting to Save Ohio Postal Service Jobs
Protecting Ohio Children from Liquid Nicotine and E-Cigarettes
Treating Opiate Addiction in Ohio Communities

July 2014

Improving Veterans’ Health Care
Keeping Ohio Businesses Competitive in a Global Economy