November 2013

Ensuring Ohio Manufacturers Can Out-Innovate the Rest of the World
Strengthening Social Security for Generations to Come

September 2013

Enrolling for a New Health Plan
Five Years After Near Economic Collapse, Working to End Future Bailouts
Renewing Our Commitment to Strengthen the Middle Class
Working to Achieve Dr. King’s Dream
Labor Day

August 2013

Working to Reduce the Backlog and Serve Ohio Veterans

July 2013

Ending the Wall Street Tax on Main Street Beer Drinkers
Ensuring Ohio Workers Have the Skills Needed to Fill Open Jobs
Helping Graduates Pay Down Debt and Plan for the Future

June 2013

Hiring Ohio Workers First
Hunger Doesn’t Take a Summer Vacation
Creating Ohio Jobs by Enforcing Trade Rules
Combating Cell Phone Theft, Protecting Ohioans

May 2013

Ensuring College Graduates Leave with Degrees, Not Debt
Protecting Ohio’s Water Resources, Promoting Economic Growth
Ending Prescription Drug Abuse, Saving Ohio Lives

April 2013

Ending Taxpayer Bailouts and Supporting Community Banks
Connecting Ohio Consumers with Ohio Producers