June 2013

Hunger Doesn’t Take a Summer Vacation
Creating Ohio Jobs by Enforcing Trade Rules
Combating Cell Phone Theft, Protecting Ohioans

May 2013

Ensuring College Graduates Leave with Degrees, Not Debt
Protecting Ohio’s Water Resources, Promoting Economic Growth
Ending Prescription Drug Abuse, Saving Ohio Lives

April 2013

Ending Taxpayer Bailouts and Supporting Community Banks
Connecting Ohio Consumers with Ohio Producers
Equal Pay for Equal Work
Providing Ohio Workers with a Fair Wage

March 2013

Tips for Saving Your Hard-Earned Money on Tax Day
Speeding up Home Sales
Reducing Prescription Drug Costs for Consumers, Saving Money for the Government
Ensuring Ohio Taxpayers Don’t Pay for Wall Street’s Failures

February 2013

Working to Keep Wrestling in the Olympics
Helping Ohio Workers Compete in a Global Economy
Standing Up for Ohio Manufacturers
Ensuring Ohioans Have the Paid Sick Days They Deserve

January 2013

Stopping the Threat of Asian Carp
Securing a Better Deal for Ohio Homeowners