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April 2015

Sens. Brown and Portman Attend Ribbon Cutting for John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University
Brown Calls on Administration to Protect Servicemembers and Veterans from Exploitation by For-Profit Colleges
Senators Schatz and Brown Introduce Legislation to Modernize Schools
With College Costs at Record Highs, Brown Alerts Ohioans to Tax Credit to Help Offset College Costs, Provide Relief to Ohio Families and Students

March 2015

Brown Introduces Bill to Address Nationwide Shortage of Nurses
Brown Meets with Wilberforce University President in Washington
With Ohio Students in the Midst of Annual Testing, Brown Outlines Legislation to Reduce Duplicative Testing in Schools
Brown Invites Ohioans to Apply for Nomination to U.S. Service Academies

February 2015

Sen. Brown Announces U.S. Military Academy Appointment for Miami County Student
Sen. Brown Announces Nearly $880,000 in New Federal Resources For The Ohio State University to Support Rural Economic Growth
During National Salute to Veterans Week, Sen. Brown Announces Plan to Give Veterans Priority College Enrollment to Complete Degrees Before Benefits Expire
Brown Statement on President's Budget Request

January 2015

Brown, Portman Applaud John Glenn School of Public Affairs' Move to College Status
Brown Joins Senate Democrats to Champion Initiative That Would Expand Access To Early Education
Sen. Brown Announces More Than $2.8 Million in New Federal Funds for an Early Head Start -Child Care Partnership at the Ohio State University
Brown Introduces Legislation to Improve and Reduce Testing in Schools
Led by Brown and Murray, 16 Senators Urge National Labor Relations Board to Stand Strong Against Efforts to Undermine Important Rule Aimed at Improving Union Representation Process
Sen. Brown Announces More Than $1.1 Million in New Federal Funds for an Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership in Lawrence County
Sen. Brown Announces U.S. Naval Academy Offer of Appointment to Fulton County Student
Brown, Reed Introduce CORE Act to Help Improve Public Schools