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April 2014

Brown, Warren Urge Fed To Address Risks Associated With Bank Ownership Of Physical Commodities
Brown Helps Pass Provision That Will Prevent Struggling Homeowners Who Modified Mortgages Or Completed Short Sales From Being Hit With A Huge Tax Increase

March 2014

Sen. Brown Chaired Hearing Examining Payday Loans And Issues Affecting "Underbanked" Americans
Brown, Vitter: New Report By Federal Reserve Bank Of New York Shows Advantages For "Too Big To Fail" Megabanks
Brown, Vitter: New Industry-Funded Report Is Latest Attempt To Project Too Big To Fail Policies Enjoyed By Megabanks
At Hearing With Federal Reserve Nominees, Brown Urges Action To End "Too Big To Fail" Policies That Hold Main Street Accountable For Wall Street's Actions
Sen. Brown Chairs Hearing Examining Capital Requirements For Insurance Companies
With Critical Safeguard Set To Expire, Sen. Brown Announces Plan To Extend Law Protecting Renters From Unfair Eviction And Destabilization
At Confirmation Hearing With CFTC Nominees, Brown Urges Vigilance In Regulating Nonfinancial Activities By Wall Street Megabanks

February 2014

At Hearing With Federal Reserve Chair, Brown Urges Action To End "Too Big To Fail" Policies That Hold Main Street Accountable For Wall Streets Actions
Brown Presses CFTC Nominees On Metal Warehouses, Oil Tankers, And Other Nonfinancial Holdings By Wall Street Megabanks
At Hearing Of Senate Banking Committee, Brown Pressed Regulators To Implement Higher Leverage Ratios, Address 'Too Big To Fail' Policies

January 2014

Sen. Brown And 32 U.S. Senators Urge Fair Housing Finance Agency To Revisit Affordable Rental Housing
Brown, Vitter: Weakened Basel III Standards Hasten Need To Pass Bipartisan Bill Ending "Too Big To Fail"
Sen. Brown Chairs Hearing Examining Government Subsidies In Bailout Of Megabank Institutions
Sen. Brown Applauds Confirmation of Janet Yellen as Chairwoman of Federal Reserve

December 2013

Brown, Vitter: New Year, New Reason to End Taxpayer-Funded Advantages for Wall Street "Too Big to Fail" Megabanks
Sens. Brown and Portman Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Make It Easier for Credit Unions to Make Loans to Families, Small Businesses
Following Statement by Treasury Secretary on "Too Big To Fail"; Brown Vitter Release Statement Urging the Administration to Continue Efforts to End "Too Big To Fail" Policies

November 2013

Sens. Brown, Vitter, and Levin Urge Regulators to Increase Capital Requirements; Preventing Future Bailouts for Largest Institutions