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Working Too Hard for Too Little: A Plan for Restoring the Value of Work in America

COLUMBUS, OH – On Friday, March 3rd, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown unveiled a new plan to restore the value of work in America during a speech at The Ohio State University’s Glenn College of Public Affairs. The plan, entitled, WORKING TOO HARD FOR TOO LITTLE: A Plan for Restoring the Value of Work in America, is available here

Brown’s plan will make hard work pay off once again by doing four things:

1.      Raising workers’ wages and benefits

2.      Giving workers more power in the workplace

3.      Making it possible for more workers to save for retirement

4.      Encouraging more companies to invest in their workforces

Read the full press release here.

Watch the Facebook Live here

Download Senator Brown's remarks here

Download Senator Brown's full plan here.