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Ohioans, please be aware that due to high call and email volume, there may be a delay in staff responding to your request. We appreciate your patience as we attempt to be responsive as possible to those in need. (03/24/21)

To see examples of my work for Ohioans, click here.

As your United States Senator, my office is here to serve you. If you are an Ohio resident and need assistance working with or getting answers from a federal government agency, please fill out the form below.

My staff makes every effort to assist Ohioans with a broad range of issues. However, by law, there are some matters over which I have no jurisdiction.

If you are not from Ohio, please contact one of the U.S. Senators from your state. Any inquiries you send to my office will be forwarded to one or both of your Senators.

If your question involves a state or local government issue, you should contact your Ohio State Senator, Ohio State Representative or local municipal government. Any inquiries you send to my office that involve a state or local issue will be forwarded to your state and/or local representatives.

If your inquiry is related to a judicial matter - a matter involving a court, such as child custody, divorce, a civil lawsuit or criminal prosecution or sentencing - the constitutional separation of powers does not permit my office to intercede, and you may wish to contact the Ohio Bar Association for help finding a qualified lawyer.

If your inquiry is related to pending legislation, or you are suggesting a change in federal law or regulation, please use the Share Your Thoughts page to submit your inquiry or offer your suggestion.

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