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We must ensure that all Ohio students have access to a quality education, and the opportunity to achieve their dreams – regardless of what zip code they live in or the color of their skin or what their parents do for a living. I’ve fought to protect public education and public charter schools, and to hold accountable shady for-profit charters that scam students and taxpayers.

Investing in the success of future generations of Ohioans also means working to make higher education more affordable and accessible. Whether the right path is a four-year school or community college, a public university or an apprenticeship program, I’m working to ensure the next generation of Ohioans has the tools they need for success.

Strengthening our economy starts in our classrooms and extends into our workplaces.  By investing in a workforce development system that meets the needs of high-growth, regional industries, we can attract new employers to our state.

Please see below for my latest actions on Education & Workforce Development.