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Wall Street has too much power in this country, and too often puts corporate profits ahead of American workers and families. As the Ranking Member on the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, I will continue fighting to change the Wall Street business model that puts short-term profits ahead of investing in workers and communities, and to prevent another financial crisis from affecting small businesses and working families on Main Street.

The health of our economy depends on stable, fair, and efficient financial markets. We must lay the groundwork for a financial system that looks after our workers, invests in our small businesses, and strengthens our middle class. And we must ensure that Ohio’s financial institutions can continue to provide affordable credit and insurance to small businesses.


Stable, affordable housing is critical to ensuring strong neighborhoods, schools, and communities. But for too many Ohioans, an affordable home is out of reach, and the sub-prime lending crisis hit Ohio particularly hard. We also know that many groups, particularly people of color, were systematically excluded from the housing system for too long and denied the opportunity to build wealth through homeownership. I’m working to ensure our housing system works for all communities, rebuild our neighborhoods, and ensure every Ohioan has a place that he or she can call home.

Please see below for my latest actions on Taking on Wall Street and Housing.