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Fair trade is vital to our nation’s economic future. Trade can create jobs, expand opportunities for Ohio businesses, and ensure a level playing field in the global marketplace. But for too long, our workers, small businesses, and manufacturers have paid a steep price for an outdated trade agenda. That’s why I continue to fight against wrong-headed trade policies that ship jobs overseas and shutter manufacturing facilities.

By fighting back against currency manipulation and other unfair trade practices, we can develop a trade agenda that supports American workers and helps expand the Made in America label to markets around the world.

Foreign Policy

Our nation’s foreign policy should be focused on advancing stability and prosperity here at home and abroad. This is not only tied to military actions, but includes foreign aid, development assistance, and support for universal human rights such as water and education.

From advancing nuclear nonproliferation to countering the conditions that breed terrorism, to proactively engaging global public health challenges, I will continue advocating for balanced policies that promote our shared human rights and protect democratic values that are the cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy.

Please see below for my latest actions on Trade & Foreign Policy.