YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- Congress returns to work tomorrow and topping the political agenda is replenishing the Highway Trust Fund, which funds road construction projects but will be insolvent by late August if action is not taken.

Thus this morning’s news conference by U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, at the site of the $6 million project at U.S. Route 224 and Interstate 680, the biggest traffic tie-up in Mahoning County, to rally local support for what his office terms a “bipartisan approach to fixing America’s highways and bridges by passing a long-term transportation bill.”

Joining Brown at the press event will be John Getchey, executive director of the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments, and Donald Crane, president of the Western Reserve Building Trades Council.

“The Mahoning Valley is home to 122 structurally deficient bridges, among the most in Ohio,” the senator says. “An estimated $1.4 billion in federal funding for Ohio roads and bridges is at risk if the Highway Bill is not extended.”

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