CLEVELAND - The do not call list has been popular over the years, and now Congress is pushing for a do not track list to give consumers privacy online.

In November, we exposed the problems with digital tracking . When you browse online, you leave behind a digital footprint. That footprint is tracked by businesses without your permission for advertising purposes.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is co-sponsoring a bill to stop that tracking online and on your smartphone.

It's a problem for the average computer user and especially dangerous for domestic violence victims who've been stalked through GPS technology on cell phones.

My investigation revealed even computer users who think they're taking steps to protect their personal information are vulnerable.

In the last few months, companies like Mozilla , Microsoft , and Google have announced changes to their browser that allow you to reduce your digital footprint.  Every browser is offering protection using different tools. Some of the privacy devices are plug-ins. You may even gain extra protection if you download the latest, updated broswer.

The FTC wants a universal approach and that's why Congress is acting.

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