Shouldn't Team USA be wearing uniforms made in the USA?

By now you've heard this isn't the case. Instead, the U.S. Olympic Committee - made up of lawyers, bankers and other executives - outsourced the uniforms Team America will be wearing in the opening ceremony for 2012 games in London.

The U.S. Olympic Committee's use of Chinese-made apparel is particularly egregious due to the ongoing and unfair competition China poses to American manufacturers.

At a time when so many good jobs have disappeared overseas, the news Team America is being forced to wear uniforms made in China should outrage every Ohioan.

When it comes to cheating trade laws, China would get the gold medal. It's unconscionable that the U.S. Olympic Committee would hand over the production of the uniforms displayed by our athletes to a country that flouts international trade laws, manipulates its currency and cheats on trade.

It makes no sense an American organization would place a Chinese-made beret on the heads of our best athletes when we have capacity to make high-end apparel right here at home.

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