For some, the holidays aren't cheery. Many families in the Akron area worry about having any food to eat.
On Monday afternoon, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown spent some time packing bags of food for the hungry and thanking volunteers at Good Neighbors Akron Food Pantry for their devoted hearts.

"There are plenty of people in here volunteering their time," explains Brown. "But the charitable contributions have pulled back because people that used to give money are now getting food."

Brown says the new governor, John Kaysich, will put more pressure on food banks and pantries, "making it harder to get state funds." Dan Flowers, CEO of the Akron Canton Regional Foodbank says "the state budget is a source of great concern to us."

And with good reason: half of the food distributed this year has been done so through state funding. Not to mention, data from the U.S. Agriculture Department shows nearly one in seven Ohio families to be "food insecure" with Ohio ranking eighth in the nation for food insecurity. The term refers to "assured accessto enough food for an active, healthy life" and for that food to be nutritious, safe and easily obtainable through normal channels.

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