Brown assails Obama's budget; 'Senior citizens didn’t cause' the recession

Columbus Dispatch

WASHINGTON – Sen. Sherrod Brown assailed President Barack Obama’s plan today to reduce cost-of-living increases to many Social Security recipients, saying that “senior citizens didn’t cause’’ the 2008 recession and “they shouldn’t see their benefits cut.’’

In a conference call with Ohio reporters, Brown joined a growing number of Senate Democrats in objecting to Obama’s call to change the cost-of-living formula for Social Security beneficiaries– a move that would save the federal government as much as $230 billion during the next decade.

“I think the president is wrong,’’ Brown said. “The public very overwhelmingly says we should increase taxes on the wealthiest of Americans and we shouldn’t cut Social Security.’’

The new Social Security plan was included in Obama’s proposed $3.77 trillion budget for the 2014 federal spending year. The budget deficit, according to the White House, would reduce the 2014 deficit to $744 billion, which would be the lowest federal deficit since the 2008 federal spending year.

The Obama plan would also provide the military with more money during the next decade than allowed for by current law, a move that might cushion Wright-Patterson Air Force and other Ohio military bases from planned spending reductions.

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