ZANESVILLE — U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown visited Bimbo QSR at the Eastpointe Business Park Monday in celebration of his latest legislative victory for workers.

In March, President Joe Biden signed into law the American Rescue Plan, which includes, in part, Brown's Butch Lewis Act. The act has been a goal of Brown's for years, following the 2008 recession. 

"It means security. They can go to work everyday knowing they have a pension," Brown said. "They're not going to get rich, but they have a pension when they retire after 25 or 30 years that they've earned."

Brown said congress took care of the banks and "big guys" following the recession, but left the working class out.

Since then, Brown has been advocating to restore workers' pensions as he believes workers should be at the center of the country's economic policy. 

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