To ensure their communities get the resources they need for schools, highways, hospitals and more, Sen. Sherrod Brown urged Ohioans to respond to the 2020 census Wednesday afternoon.

“The census determines how billions of dollars in federal funds will be distributed,” the Democratic senator said. “And federal, state and local programs all use census data for health care services, housing, education, transportation and so much more. For Ohio to get the resources our communities need, we have to make sure every single Ohioan is counted. It’s particularly important for places that too often get overlooked in Washington.”

Rose Simmons, an Ohio-based partnership coordinator for the Census Bureau, joined Brown during Wednesday’s conference call. She said it’s easier than ever to respond to the census with online, phone and mail options available.

“Your response shapes decisions about how public funds are spent for schools, fire and emergency services, and health care for your community,” Simmons said. “Responses to the 2020 census shape how more than $675 billion in federal funding is distributed annually to local communities. The census has always been a record of our history. The 2020 census will shape a roadmap for our future.”

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