Ohio top elected democrat is ready to battle the White House on raising the threshold for businesses to pay overtime.

Senator Sherrod Brown helped introduce the “Restoring Overtime Pay” Act which would require businesses to pay overtime to employees that make less than 51 thousand dollars a year. Currently, the mark is at 23 thousand dollars, the Trump administration has proposed moving the threshold to just over 35 thousand dollars a year. Brown says the President’s proposal is too low.

“If you are making $40,000 a year and you are a supervisor and your company declares you management, that company can work you 50 to 60 hours and you don’t get a cent of overtime,” states Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown. “We had fixed that, but now those 40 to 50 thousand Ohioans, thanks to the President’s betrayal of workers, those 40 or 50 thousand Ohioans will lose their overtime pay.”

The Obama administration did have a proposal to raise the limit to require businesses to pay overtime to less than 47 thousand dollars a year, but that was delayed by a court ruling.