Both of Ohio's U.S. senators, Republican George V. Voinovich and Democrat Sherrod Brown are angry about the collapse late last night of the proposed $14 billion compromise bailout of the domestic auto industry.

And both are angry at Senate Republicans who blocked the deal between congressional Democratic leaders and the GOP White House. Voinovich had earlier co-authored a bi-partisan measure granting the auto industry $34 billion from a federal fuel efficiency fund. Congressional Democrats wanted the money to help the industry paid out of the $700 billion financial system bailout, but the Bush administration was in agreement with Voinovich, and Brown also signed on to that proposal.

Now, Voinovich is calling on President Bush to rescue the industry, with General Motors and Chrysler saying they can't make it until the end of the year without a cash infusion, by giving in and taking money from the $700 billion already approved.

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