SANDUSKY — Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown on Wednesday introduced legislation in the Senate named in honor of Heath Robinson, an Ohio veteran who died earlier this month from a service-related illness caused by exposure to toxic smoke from burn pits maintained by the U.S. military on his base in Afghanistan.

Former presidential candidate U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, will introduce similar legislation designed to document cases of burn pit exposure, which, up to this point, the military has refused to acknowledge.

Gabbard, like Robinson, is a veteran who served in Iraq and Kuwait.

Robinson joined the Ohio National Guard in 2003 and was stationed in Iraq and later in Afghanistan. He became ill in 2016, about 10 years after his tour in Afghanistan, where the military had a football field-sized burn pit near his base that was maintained around-the-clock to destroy all waste, weapons, paint and chemicals, computer hardware and software. The burn pit generated a constant stream of toxic smoke that led to Robinson developing a rare form of cancer.

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