Washington lawmakers are getting ready to iron out the details for next year’s national defense funding and one Ohio Senator will be part of the process.

Senator Sherrod Brown has been named to the committee that will work an agreement between the house and senate versions of the national defense authorization act.  The Senate version has over two and half billion dollars for the Joint System Manufacturing Center for upgrades and modification for Abrams and Stryker for 2019.  So now the fight begins to see what will remain the same or change before the final bill is voted on and heads to the president's desk to be signed into law.

Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown says, “One of my top priorities is to protect, Stryker and Abrams Tank in Lima.  I know what this means to Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  I know what this means to protect our national security in terms of Chinese investment.  I am on that committee because I have been very engaged and involved in this.  I work with Senator Portman, in making sure the Lima Tank Plant is protected.”

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