It’s been nearly a week since the 11th Congressional district Democratic primary when Shontel Brown secured a win over Nina Turner in a tight contest that turned ugly toward the end. How will that impact the party going forward? Ohio’s top elected Democrat sees a bright future ahead.

Senator Sherrod Brown talked with us about the 11th district race and what he’s been doing to help Democrats in the state.

Sherrod Brown: It was unfortunate that the race became a nationalized that one group of people came in against another group of people and they just escalated their spending. That too often happens in American politics. But both candidates are well known locally. Many of them, including Jeff Johnson and Shirley Smith and others, have held elective office and have been good public servants. I just think that once, I don't even know who came first, once somebody comes in with big money and the national players see this as their chance, that was unfortunate. But in the end, the voters made the decision based on their views of local candidates and it was a pretty close race and it ended up being between the only two that raised a ton of money.

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