One of the biggest jobs bills to pass this session of Congress - one with the potential of creating or saving 2 million jobs with no cost to taxpayers - passed the Senate this week with strong bipartisan support.

It's time now for the House of Representatives to act. Here's why:

We know that American workers and American manufacturers can compete with anyone. We have skilled, productive workers and world-class infrastructure. But when a country like China purposefully manipulates its currency so that its exports are cheaper, that's not competing - that's cheating.

The result? U.S. exports are more expensive and a deluge of cheap imports flood our markets, costing American manufacturing jobs.

A lot of jobs.

A report released last month estimates that our trade deficit with China, exacerbated by Chinese currency manipulation, has caused the loss of more than 2.8 million American jobs in the past 10 years - with two-thirds of the lost jobs in the manufacturing industry.

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