BEACHWOOD, Ohio - When the author of the phrase "war is hell" uttered those words, he probably had in mind men like Donald Arnold, of Beachwood, who sat quietly during a special ceremony on Monday.

The service honored Arnold for his actions in 1945 when he served in the U.S. Army during World War II.

When a German artillery shell crashed into the war-torn soil of France, its explosion sent shrapnel flying in all directions. Some of that shrapnel struck Pfc. Arnold in the thigh. He was wearing a helmet bearing the Red Cross insignia, identifying him as a combat medic. It was his job to tend the American wounded, of which there were many in his unit in the 97th Infantry Division.

He should have been inline to receive the Purple Heart medal for his wounds, but the paperwork was never filed.

"I got wounded in the thigh by the shrapnel," said Arnold from the comfort of the Wiggins Place Assisted Living Facility, part of the Menorah Park complex in Beachwood. "I pulled it out myself, bandaged my leg, and went about my work taking care of wounded men.”

Years later, his family began the process of getting him awarded the Purple Heart.  When U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown heard the story, he began searching the military records and verified Arnold's story.

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