Cleveland – A Cleveland couple is calling for more lead testing, warnings, and abatement after 5 of their children are found to have elevated levels of the toxic element in their systems.

Ken and Angelina Shefton say they discovered that their Slavic Village neighborhood was loacated near a former lead smelter site, and moved from their home because of lead poisoning. They took part in a news conference at their old East 59th Street address.

The Shefton’s feel homes should not even have been contructed on East 59th Street because of high lead levels. One of their sons can't speak, and other has been treated with shots to lower his lead levels. Three of their five children are receiving social security disability checks due to lead.

Dr. Karl Hess, a retired Shaker Heights pediatrician with an expertise in lead poisoning, claims the Centers of Disease Control is doing little to enforce lead guidelines, and feels the EPA has been lax in warning parents of the dangers.

Hess feels more children and adults living in Cleveland neighborhoods that hosted manufacturing plants need to be tested.

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown agrees and says he is working with other lawmakers to change that.
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