Our community recently learned disappointing news that DHL plans to reorganize their North American operations in a way that would dramatically affect their Wilmington hub. Early news reports stated that the parent company of DHL, Deutche Post World Net of Germany, plans to enter into an agreement with UPS that could cut as many as 8,000 jobs from Wilmington.

I was immediately concerned when I heard the news because of the devastating impact DHL’s decision would have on our community and on families all throughout Ohio. I am confident that we will work together as a team to present the best possible response to DHL’s plan.

Our community has already begun to come together in efforts to respond to DHL. Wilmington Mayor David Raizk has formed a task force which I am proud to serve on with community leaders like Clinton County Commissioner Randy Riley. As a member of this task force, and as your representative in Washington, D.C., I am committed to bringing available resources and assistance as we move through this process.

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