Edge Plastics creates 50 jobs thanks to the stimulus program

Mansfield New Journal

MANSFIELD -- Edge Plastics owner Shelley Fisher credits a grant through the State Energy Program in March for helping his business create jobs.

Fisher said the funding, which stems from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, allowed Edge Plastics to invest in new equipment and hire more than 50 new employees at the Newman Street shop.

"It's rejuvenated our entire organization," Fisher said. "Further, we have seen a snowball effect. The new equipment allowed us to secure additional business. Our Ohio suppliers have also hired 21 new people because of the increase in business they have received from us."

Fisher said Sen. Sherrod Brown and Gov. Ted Strickland were instrumental in bringing such grants to Ohio. Recently, the governor announced more than 500 jobs have been created and retained at DuPont Advanced Energy in Circleville.

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Edge Plastics creates 50 jobs thanks to the stimulus program »