Increased exports are critical to economic recovery and to our nation’s long-term economic growth. Export growth means business expansion and job growth. And — when coupled with steps to curtail anticompetitive trade tactics — it is the key to reversing chronic trade deficits with China and other major global trade competitors.

That’s why my office is hosting a free export seminar this morning at Youngstown State University for Ohio companies seeking to grow their businesses through global market development.

As one of three Democratic senators on the President’s Export Council (PEC), I’m working to advance the National Export Initiative (NEI) and President Obama’s goal to double exports over the next five years. To complement the work of the PEC, I recently organized the Ohio Export Advisory Group to help advance Ohio’s export opportunities abroad.

Private-sector JOBS

Export-supported jobs linked to the manufacturing sector already account for an estimated 7.9 percent of Ohio’s total private-sector employment. More than one-quarter — 25.9 percent — of all manufacturing workers in Ohio depend on exports for their jobs — the eighth highest among the 50 states.

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