For Wilmington, the future is now

Wilmington News Journal

Governments, businesses and citizens the world over can see the future, and it is green.

Global warming, depleting supplies of fossil fuel, conflicts in Asia, piracy on the high seas, and maddening volatility of the prices for gasoline and other energy needs, all of which are occurring at a time of worldwide economic crisis, are forcing more and more government leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs and average citizens to view the development of alternative fuels and green technologies as the key to emergence from mankind’s complex dilemma.

Here in Wilmington, the future is now. The loss of hundreds of jobs, and the prospect of more in the months ahead, presents enormously difficult challenges for local residents and their families, and for the local economy.

Each challenge, however, also presents an opportunity. The challenges can be so overwhelming that the opportunities are sometimes difficult to see. But they are there.

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For Wilmington, the future is now »