U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown applauded the news that the Ford Motor Company will retain at least 1,400 jobs at its Avon Lake plant. The plant, which once manufactured vans, will now make trucks.

"Investing in the auto industry means investing in Ohio's economy-in jobs at Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler plants, and at the factories of parts manufacturers all across our state," Brown said. "Our cars-energy-efficient, safe, and appealing to consumers-can compete with those made anywhere in the world. Our workers are top-notch and have played a key role in Ford's success.

"Today, the American auto industry is in a far different position than it was several years ago. While Ford did not require assistance through the auto restructuring, there is no question that letting Chrysler and General Motors go under would have damaged the entire auto supply chain, closing small manufacturers and harming business at the companies that not only sell parts to Chrysler and GM, but to Ford and other car companies," Brown added. "When the outlook was bleak, we stood with the Big 3-and Ohio is reaping new jobs and investments as a result."

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