James Shrewsberry figures it’s a good time to retire. His four rigs have been for sale for the last two years, and he’s leaving the trucking business.

Analysts predict gas prices will push $4 per gallon before summer, and in that climate, Shrewsberry said, there isn’t much money to be made for small commercial hauling businesses.

“I’m gonna sell out,” Shrewsberry said. At 77, he’s been operating Shrewsberry Trucking out of Ravenna for 30 years.

“There’s no use running up and down the road for nothing.”

Because of that type of detriment to businesses and consumers, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown announced he wants the Obama administration to pressure the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries to increase oil production.

“Secretary Clinton can have an impact by calling on OPEC to do something here,” Brown said in a call with reporters Wednesday.

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