ONTARIO -- The developer and Ontario City Council signed the development agreement Thursday for the former General MotorsStamping Plant.

That final bit of paperwork taken care of at last night's council meeting, Brownfield Communities Development Company made its intentions clear in an energized Thursday press conference.

"You have our commitment that our goal is to take this one large facility that was designed as a single-purpose entity and use our skills to turn it so it can be a facility that meets the needs of businesses that will themselves grow and attract other businesses," said Michael M. Adler, chairman and chief executive officer of the Adler Group. "Our goal is for you to see this location again be a thriving employment hub for your community. We take this responsibility very seriously, and we are committed to make it happen."

BCDC is a joint venture of Adler Group Inc. and Hilco Real Estate. The company believes it can bring 1,100 jobs to the community over the next five years.

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