GM site gets $7.3 million for cleanup

Lorain Chronicle Telegram

ELYRIA — More than $7 million has been earmarked for the shuttered Gen­eral Motors plant on Lowell Street, which will likely need extensive work before it can be used again.

The money is part of an environmen­tal trust agreement among GM, the U.S. Department of Justice and 14 states, including Ohio.

Attorney General Richard Cordray said Ohio has secured approximately $39 mil­lion in cleanup and remediation funding that will help return the sites to produc­tive use, allowing jobs to be created at these locations.

Approximately $7.3 million will be set aside for the Elyria site and will be used for maintenance as well as monitoring hazardous waste on the property.

The Elyria site, known as the Fisher Guide plant, ended production in 1988. It has mostly been empty, aside from a period years ago when part of the plant was used as warehouse space by Poly-One.

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