THE summer is over, but the sun is still shining on Toledo. Northwest Ohio - and Toledo in particular - have achieved remarkable success in the field of solar energy. More than 6,000 Ohioans are employed in this 21st-century industry.

But if we don't enforce trade laws - especially with China, which is on track to make half of the world's wind turbines and solar panels - America will lose clean-energy jobs and innovation.

Toledo is at the forefront of our nation's race to lead the world in clean-energy production, thanks in large part to companies home-grown by the University of Toledo's Clean and Alternative Energy Incubator and workers trained at Owens Community College's Green and Alternative Energy program.

More than 35,000 Ohioans - nearly the same number of people employed by our state's largest employer, Wal-Mart - work in clean energy. Ohio ranks among the top five states in the country in clean-energy jobs.

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