YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - If the country goes into default, what will that mean for local governments and the people who live in the Valley?

21 News posed the question to people who attended a special GM Lordstown open house Thursday. Some retirees say they fear their incomes would decrease dramatically if the ongoing debt debate in Washington is not resolved by August 2nd.

David Reed says, "I'm just a senior citizen and I'm concerned about my Social Security check and my Medicare."

Mack S. Thompson says, "I just want the checks to keep coming in. Not just for me but for everybody else."

The Senate will likely vote down the Boehner plan, but it's pushing its own bill, that would reduce the deficit by $2.2 trillion without affecting Medicare or Social Security.

Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown says, "We're going to see Democratic senators and Republican senators coming together on this because we need to."

Brown's Republican colleague, Senator Rob Portman, agrees the debt ceiling should be raised, but adds, "If Washington continues to ignore the underlying problem, our record deficits and debt. our economy will get even worse and more jobs will be lost in Ohio."

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