WASHINGTON - Human rights groups aren't the only ones upset with China's record of repression in the days leading up to the Olympic Games.

All five of the region's House members voted last week to call on China to "immediately end abuses of the human rights of its citizens," free all political prisoners and allow freedom of the press and visitors.

Sen. Jim Bunning of Southgate, Ky., introduced a resolution blasting China for plans to monitor and censor reporters and visitors to the Olympics. Sen. Sherrod Brown of Lorain sent a sternly worded letter to the International Olympic Committee over the matter as well.

These actions come on the eve of the Olympic Games, which kick off today with the opening ceremony in Beijing.

Sen. Brown, the only Democratic U.S. lawmaker representing Greater Cincinnati, said he questions why President Bush is going to China. "I wish the president would make a strong statement," Brown told The Enquirer. "We were led to believe by the Chinese government that there would be significant human rights improvements if they were given the honor of hosting the Olympics and because that didn't happen ... the president should not go."

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