Legislation, Petition Aids Delphi Retirees

Youngstown Business Journal

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown and U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan Thursday introduced new legislation to restore the full pensions of Delphi retirees, even as the group representing the company's salaried retirees sought to ramp up pressure on the Obama administration to address their plight.

The legislation would use proceeds from the sale of General Motors stock held by the federal government to establish a fund to provide supplemental payments to the Delphi retirees.

“Thousands of retirees in Ohio dedicated their careers to working for Delphi and General Motors, but many of these retirees have yet to receive the pensions they earned and deserve,” Brown, D-Ohio, said in a prepared statement. “Solutions to restore these pensions are long overdue. It’s time to put politics aside on this issue. Instead of assigning blame for the problem, we should be working together to advance all solutions that may help restore pensions to Delphi retirees. Using proceeds from sale of government’s stake in GM is one of many parallel avenues I’ve been pursuing on behalf of Delphi retirees.”

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