Four Ohio legislators are sending a letter to Lockheed Martin asking the defense contractor to not close its Akron operation with 600 jobs affected. Senator Sherrod Brown and congressmen Tim Ryan, Marcia Fudge and Marcy Kaptur all signed the letter.

They says the company’s draft consolidation plan reportedly includes closing the Akron plant and relocating its workers to Lockheed Martin facilities in other states.

“Ohio has a rich manufacturing history with among the most skilled and hardest workers in the world,” Brown said. “That is why Lockheed Martin should do everything in its power to find an alternative to closing its Akron facility, eliminating jobs, and forcing workers to leave Ohio. This would significantly hurt the economy of Northeast Ohio and the community that has loyally served Lockheed for decades. My congressional colleagues and I therefore offer whatever assistance we can to ensure that that this doesn’t happen.”

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