A new study by Nationwide Children's Hospital finds a growing number of accidents involving shopping carts.

Experts are urging parents to stay more alert when their child is in a cart, and a lawmaker is calling for new regulations.

Colin Myers and his mom Kim are no strangers to shopping carts.

"I have two boys," said Kim Myers. "He's my youngest so we use them quite frequently."

Myers says she's read the warning labels on carts and utilizes the safety belt when she can.

"Some of them are tight, I mean this one is all wrapped around and some of them don't even fit his size anymore," Myers said.

Safety precautions are a good idea according to experts.

"There's more than 24,000 kids who are hurt each year from a fall from a shopping cart," said Dr. Jonathan Thackery. "That's one every 22 minutes."

Dr Johnathan Thackeray says more than 70% of those injuries were from falls out of the cart.

That's exactly what Brian Carpenter worries about with his daughter Lucille.

"Yeah she's always trying to stand up," Carpenter said. "I know these accidents happen all the time so not knowing how those accidents happen means i'm generally cautious when I put her in there."

The rising number of shopping cart accidents has caught the attention of Senator Sherrod Brown.

"Right now there are some carts that are safe and some that aren't and a parent doesn't know," said Senator Sherrod Brown. "I go to the grocery store with my grandson and I wouldn't know which cart is safer just by looking at it."

Senator Brown wants the Consumer Product Safety Commission to implement new mandatory safety standards for shopping carts. Myers supports that idea.

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