WASHINGTON, D.C. - Negotiators between the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate on Monday night released a $1.012 trillion compromise 2014 spending bill that would restore Great Lakes cleanup money to last year's levels and also repeal a newly enacted cut to cost of living adjustments, or COLAs, for disabled military retirees and their survivors.

The House and Senate are scheduled to vote later this week on the bill to fund the government through the end of September. To avoid a government shutdown on Wednesday, when the measure now funding the government expires, the House approved  a stopgap to pay for operations until they can vote on the larger bill. The Senate is expected to pass a similar interim funding measure.

The top Republican and Democratic members of the committees that devised the compromise released a joint statement that said the agreement meets the guidelines set under an earlier accord between budget committee chairs Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Patty Murray of Washington, "keeps the government open, and eliminates the uncertainty and economic instability of stop-gap governing."

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