WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Not only are the Cleveland Cavs better than any possible opponent, including the Golden State Warriors. Small-batch beer from Akron's Hoppin' Frog Brewery -- the city of LeBron James' birth -- is better than any brew from California.

At least, so goes the suggestion at the heart of a bet between Ohio U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown and California U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer over the NBA championship title. The series starts at Oakland's Oracle Arena on Thursday night, and the beer wager is one of what could be several bets between politicians from the respective states.

Ohio's Rob Portman and California's Dianne Feinstein are negotiating their own wager, the terms of which should be settled this afternoon.

Meantime, Brown has put his money, or his Hoppin' Frog, where his mouth is. If the Cavs lose, he'll have to deliver the beer while wearing a Golden State jersey.

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