WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown is responding to the coronavirus outbreak by introducing a bill that would immediately let workers get paid sick days so they can stay home from work if they're ill without losing their jobs or paychecks.

Several hundred cases of the COVID-19 virus have been reported nationwide, including three in Ohio's Cuyahoga County. Although Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines advise people to stay home if they are sick, millions of workers in many industries, like restaurant employees, truck drivers and people in the service industry lose their paychecks or jobs if they stay home from work, says Brown.

Brown's office said the emergency paid sick days legislation he'll introduce would require all employers to let workers accrue seven days of paid sick leave and to provide an additional 14 days available immediately in the event of any public health emergency, including the current coronavirus outbreak.

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