Measures to significantly reform the National Security Agency have the support of Ohio's senators.

Both Sens. Sherrod Brown (D) and Rob Portman (R) said they favor reform of the spy agency, which has been criticized for collecting information on millions of Americans.

Criticism of the NSA stemmed from last year's revelation, leaked by former agency employee Edward Snowden, that NSA has been collecting phone call records for virtually everyone in the U.S., including the numbers dialed, the numbers the calls came from, the time calls were made and the length of the calls.

Attention has shifted to the Senate after the House passed two significant reform bills.

“I am currently working with my colleagues and Judiciary Committee Chairman  (Sen. Pat) Leahy (D-Vt.) to develop reforms to our intelligence sector that balance protecting the security of our nation while also protecting the rights of our citizens," Brown said in a statement provided to the Register. 

"These include bulk phone collections," he said. "While it has not yet been determined when the Senate will take up specific legislation, we will continue to work toward implementing necessary changes to the NSA as soon as possible.”

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