Washington- Ohio's two senators say they recognize the importance of calming the roiling economy, but neither wants to rush a financial rescue plan and regret it later.

"If we have to stay here from now until Election Day and people don't go home and campaign, that's just too bad," Sherrod Brown, a Democrat and a member of the banking committee, said. "We have to get it right."

George Voinovich, a Republican, separately told reporters, "We'd like to do something, but at the same time we do it, we have to make sure we don't put ourselves in a position that we won't be unable to recover the investment we're making to stabilize the housing market in the United States."

Lawmakers are hearing from constituents concerned about a rescue plan that could reward executives and save corporations while putting the risk on taxpayers. Both Brown and Voinovich said they would like to see a plan that repays taxpayers if currently devalued securities and loans from bailed-out companies rise in value.

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