ADA — A federal grant will allow Ohio Northern University to get experience for its own students and help small businesses in a four-county area grow. 

The school received $92,826 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Business Enterprise Grant Program to promote small-business growth in Allen, Hancock, Hardin and Wyandot counties.

“The main focus and target is to help people grow their business with the end goal of creating jobs in the four counties,” said Tammy Schakett, assistant professor of entrepreneurship.

The funds will help create an entrepreneurship center and fund a part-time director and administrative assistant. The program will offer free one-on-one counseling, classes and workshops beginning in the fall. Schakett said topics could include writing business plans, marketing a small business, bookkeeping, computer literacy, customer service, and how to save for retirement while self-employed. Participants can combine classes to obtain a certificate of completion. 

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