Our workers can compete - on a level playing field

Hamilton News Journal

What in the world does the International Trade Commission have to do with jobs in Hamilton or Chillicothe? Just last week, as I arrived at the SMART Papers facility in Butler County, the ITC rendered a unanimous decision in support of coated paper producers like the Hamilton-based manufacturer.

I visited this global manufacturer, located in the heart of Ohio, because I testified before the ITC.

On the same day as my visit, the ITC voted on behalf of domestic paper producers and workers who petitioned the ITC for relief after imports from China and Indonesia were proven to undermine American-made products. This vote allows tariffs to be placed on imports that have benefited from unfair subsidies or priced artificially low due to Chinese currency manipulation.

Ohio workers — like those at SMART Papers — can compete with anyone in the world. But when other countries provide government subsidies to their exporters or manipulate currency to make their products artificially cheaper, that’s not competing — it’s cheating.

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Our workers can compete - on a level playing field »