Lawmakers usually wait for the White House to nominate someone to a high level post before weighing in (except in the case of Larry Summers and the Federal Reserve).

But Ohio’s two U.S. senators on Wednesday praised one leading candidate the White House is considering as the next secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs – Cleveland Clinic chief executive Delos “Toby” Cosgrove. Dr. Cosgrove is a physician and hospital executive who served as an Air Force surgeon in Vietnam.

The bipartisan support from Sens. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, and Rob Portman, a Republican, is notable because any nominee will likely need strong backing from both parties given a heap of issues facing the VA. The agency is facing a number of congressional and inspector general probes, and former secretary Eric Shinsekiresigned last week.

“The Cleveland Clinic is a world class facility that provides the world class medical care that our veterans deserve,” Mr. Brown said in an emailed statement. He said that “if selected, I hope he’ll bring the same success to the VA that the Cleveland Clinic has enjoyed.”

Mr. Portman echoed similar support and said Dr. Cosgrove “would bring a lot to the table.”

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